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Relationship Counselling Christchurch
  • Listen carefully to your relationship situation, and what you are wanting to do about it – if you know;
  • Listen to both viewpoints on what is going on that is not working for you;
  • Provide an opportunity for you to discover, and get help for, the underlying causes of challenges you face in your relationship;
  • Assist you to gain insight into the hidden dynamics of your relationship, how these are affecting your relationship right now, and what must be done if a change is to occur;
  • Provide hope and strategies as to how to get your relationship back on track, including a step by step outline for moving forward.
  • Explain the therapeutic model being used, and why it works so well.
  • Give you tasks you can do between the sessions that will help you to gain insight into, and make changes to, your relationship
  • Bring your attention to relevant articles on Ian’s website which are all included in order to help provide you with further insight into your situation, and tools to help you improve it.
  • Provide the help or advice you seek to take the first steps to bring harmony and love back into your relationship. Check out the Articles listed above to inform yourself about relationship dynamics.